Sound on Sound Mag review of Cubase 7...

in regards to the Mixer channels…and i quote:

“Disappointingly, though, it still isn’t possible to rearrange the order of the channels: as before, this has to be done by moving tracks on the Project Window.”

this request has been bashed on this (and the previous) forum since the beginning of time. If Steinberg will not listen to us here on the forum (apparently not as it is still not implemented) then i certainly hope that the night office cleaner in the Steinberg building or perhaps someone even higher bothers to read the review of their own software in the worlds most respected Audio magazine and pays attention to this point and addresses it finally. Lets all hope the message gets through this time!


oh, I use Cubase 24/7 with big projects and a lot of tracks (60+)
But I dont´need rearrange the order of channels in the mixer, sorry.
It´s enough for me to move the tracks in the arrange, this is not a > “disappointment”.
But improvements are nice, yes you´re right.

When re-arranging the channels in the mixconsole the overview is bad, I’d rather do this in the project window.

Personally, I would not like to see one arrangement inthe project and another in the mixer and its no sweat really to go tro the project window.



Who says moving the order in the mixconsole should not move them in the project window…

true,depends on what you want

I’d like to have all the possibilities and use them when I want.

overall the review was good. reviewer criticised a lot of the gui aspects especially with rrespect to the mixer. and his points listed were fair. ed

So there you have it Steinberg,
Your customers want an Eierlegende Wollmilchsau

you name it i want it :unamused:

This is one of those workflow improvements that I hope Steinberg focuses on in the short term - they’ve added a lot of features, but the workflow lacks finesse. When you’re mixing and creating channels in the mixer, it is an interruption to your creative workflow if you have to go back to the arrange page just to switch the order of the channels.

Similarly, there are a number of workflow improvements that have been posted in the Feature Request forum that I hope Steinberg pays attention to finally.

:laughing: :laughing:

Personally I dont want to be able to reorder via the mixewr, much better done via the arrange screen IMO

It’s a no-brainer really. They’ll do it eventually, and most people will use it, even many who say they wouldn’t.

No rational person would move the mouse from the mixer to arrange just to move a channel over a couple of positions if he or she could do it right from the mixer where they already are. That wouldn’t make any sense at all and I have no clue how that extra work in that case could be better.

Perhaps it differs if you have more than one monitor. I have the arrrange window on one and the mixer on the other so moving over is very simple and easy but I can see if you had to switch window it would be a pain

It’s not so much a matter of it being a pain, nor a matter of using two monitors.

It’s a simple matter of not being required to leave what you’re already working on, the mixer, to go somewhere else to change something about the thing you’re already working on, and then come back to it to continue working on it, if you don’t have to ever leave it to do that. You can’t honestly be saying that if your’re mousing around in the mixer you’d intentionally go to arrange to move a channel and then go back to the mixer, if you didn’t actually have to do that. It kinda makes no sense.

Leave the mixer, go to arrange, open a folder, move a channel up two positions, close the folder, then go back to the mixer to keep mixing… when all you really had to do is just drag the mixer channel two spots left directly and keep mixing? Nobody would actually do that. :slight_smile:

Respectfully, it’s a common thing to see people dismiss small obvious workflow improvements only because they don’t yet exist in their favorite host, and for no other clearly logical reason.

So… of course you too would occasionally move mixer channels in the mixer if you actually could… and so would everyone else who uses Cubase. I think we all know that. :mrgreen: Maybe not a major deal to many, but they’d all use it when it’s beneficial to use it, every single one of them.

well everyone is different - and long may they remain so :smiley:

I would love to NOT have to use the mixer as much as i do now. My F3 button is worn out :smiley:
To be able do everything about the mixing in a well-planned and thought out project-window instead, with every send and insert readable instantly, without having to open an additional “Mixer” or “Trackview” -windows would be a godsend.
To show/hide tracks at will, group and reorder, copy inserts and sends from one track to another in the left side of the project window…would be great! I think protools 10 already can do this…no?
MiDI and audio-edits is great to edit in their respective and specialized editorwindows. But the mix…no need for that.
The mixer don’t have to go away, but the project-window must get on par.
Everything should be possible in both views…after all, the project window IS a mixer, just flipped on the side :astonished:
I have only one 27-inch 2560x1440 screen and find myself hitting the F3 button far to much to show/hide the mixer window. I work with the mix as I go, and the process is not seperated in recording/editing/mixing anymore.
“Everything is broken up and dances” - to quote Jim Morrison :smiley:
Good to know I’m not alone in this way of working, Audiocave.

:laughing: I do love you guys.

Small side note: My comments were kinda premised on the idea that people actually use the mixer. For people who don’t use it, or would prefer to avoid using it, or prefer mixing in the inspector, it’s all rather moot, moving mixer chamnels around directly. :mrgreen:

Anyway, I always respect opinions contrary to mine, even if I somwtimes can’t find any logic in them, so "Viva Le’ Difference. :mrgreen:

The reviewer kept dancing around it, but eventually blurted it out: “MixConsole is ugly”. He was quite gushing in his praise of other aspects, though. But yeah, some re-thinking may be in order. It’s funny because I looked at a review of SX1 the other day and was gobsmacked by how -bright- it was. White. Then it went to silver. Then gray. Then gunmetal. Then black. Pity.