'Sound on sound' mode in cubase would be amazing

See video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDGr09fmiF4

Basically auto-punch recording of audio to the same track defaults to muting previous takes in most daws as we know like CB and Logic, this ‘sound on sound’ option in Sonar is something I would love to see implemented in CB where previous takes are not muted AND can be recorded on the same track, ultimately making multi tracking loads faster. Its a pain in the arse to duplicate and switch between tracks for doing auto punch based takes, and have large projects full of tracks. Not to mention its easier to crossfade visually etc. The only downfall I can see, is that you get peaks on the meters as 2 audio files play back on one channel but the ability to switch between modes is really useful. Would Steinberg ever consider implementing there own version of this feature into Cubase? I wanna stick with CB ideally but find it very hard working with recording drums at a fast pace

This is one of the most usefull and basic functions a DAW should have. Once you try it you can´t live without it. I really miss Sonar with this one.
This is a must to make perfect transitions between 2 takes on the same track.