Sound On Sound says it all: Too Dark

I like dark and I’m no spring chicken.

I like it as well. Too dark or too light or too anything are all subjective opinions regardless of who expresses them.

A dark DAW for dark music :wink:

Just two quick excerpts…

‘In my view the latest generation of some GUIs are clearly a triumph of styling’

‘So can it be that the GUI designers have now become so certain that their creations are the epitome of usability that their professional pride won’t allow them to give us mere mortals the means to tamper with what in their mind is clearly perfection?’

I know it’s out of topic but, even more than to Cubase UI ‘darkness’, this applies perfectly to Steiny’s brand new and horrible white masked cursor… :confused:

Absolutely NONSENSE.

Cubase´s dark GUI is great for those who work 24/7 at studios.
Looks very easy on the eyes. Thank you Steinberg!
Tip: adjust your brightness/flatcreen.

BTW: Logic X´s GUI is much too dark! how ugly, isn´t it? :mrgreen:
(see postings in forums and custom user made themes)


I <3 the black and grey shades GUI, as I do the venerable white cursor (happily vouch for a preference on the second matter however).

Yes, I think the shadings, especially the grey blue of the selected work area are really nice.

Sometimes, when I’m starting a project and I only have a couple of tracks the large brightly coloured faders against the black can look a little Fisher-Price does Death Metal, but once the meters get going its great.

I can’t remember having any trouble reading anything due to dark GUI in c7. I like it a lot more than brighter “theme” in previous versions

I don’t like dark GUIs. SOS is right, not enough light makes it hard to read. C7 mixer is too dark for me to be used comfortably. Maybe it would be ok if I over-cranked brightness of monitor, but I like to reduce brightness of monitors.

hooo finally some points of view from pro magazine about this dark side of the DAW…
all we (or some of us) ask is to give us options to adjust color or at least brightness of MC buttons and elements(u did it for faders,Ch strp etc…well done ,please give us more)
i cant used to the dark grey buttons on dark grey surface…! maybe in next updates finally steinberg will address those problems ? not bugs but true problems to some of us C7 users to work with.

My big gripe about Cubase 7 is that I can’t make the Key Editor dark enough. Unlike in C6, the CC lanes don’t switch (after a restart) to lighter fills when I turn the colors very dark, so it becomes too hard to see them. I love Logic X’s look and would like to replicate it.

Clearly this argument about what is “correct” is a complete waste of time, because people will work in such different work environments that a single color theme will never work. Better customizability to all directions is needed.

i mentioned that problem too in earlier posts…in C5 it was very clear (didnt use C6)
its very hard for me to see what is written on cc lane names on key editor, simply cuz text is gray and the background for the text also is gray…(and yes my sight is very good, although i complain a lot for graphics hardness :wink: )

What’s Paul White on about? Yes C7 is too dark but hasnt he heard of GUI tweaks in the preferences? Ignore the low res jpeg, my screen is perfectly usable don’t you agree?

He doesn’t say what program he is talking about.

What he said about text does apply to Cubase, mainly in the rulers.

Suntower, how about a screenshot of your project and edit windows?

I love darkness , you can beat a good dark UI for working of a night time , LOVE IT ,don’t you dare change it Steinberger

It’s really not about ‘darkness’ and that’s my mistake.

It’s more about ‘style v. substance’. For -me- the big problem with C7 is that it’s trying to look more like an ‘app’… with fewer controls that do multiple things… or are hidden and then pop up when you’re in the right spot. I find this approach MUCH harder to use than previous versions which were much more straightforward.

In one sentence… C7 -looks- cooler, but the more you use it, the more you realise that it’s much harder to actually use. It requires almost constant attention. I have to -think- a lot more and change focus a -lot- more.

The ‘darkness’ bothers me primarily as a lack of -contrast-. For example, after a year I still often can’t tell which track a meter goes with—the one on the left or the one on the right?


Most real mix consoles are not black. They are silver, shiny. I can only think of old Studiomaster consoles being black. I think silver/grey should be available as an option for those who don’t like dark GUI.

Leave the boxes alone then.

Having flashbacks of my grandparents complaining about not being able to deal with digital alarm clocks, vcrs, microwave ovens, etc… .

Time marches on. Adapt, overcome or sit by the trailside waiting for the saber-toothed kitty to put you out of your misery.

Bredo my old chimpy chomp , do you remember a conversation that you and I and a few others had with one of the mods asking for the white focus to be removed from the mixer and the reply was …" not possible to remove it at this present time ( 7.0.0 )" ?
Now to me that sounded like a hint that they were working on it which means hopefully we should be seeing this crap behaviour removed in an update . I have faith in Steinberg and I do believe this will be the case one day .

So the mixer hasn’t grown on you so far then :laughing: ?