Sound only at the left side

Hi Jan Martin, no, please send me your project and I’ll fix it for you.

Hi everyone:
I had this left channel only problem. After a lot of anguish and effort, I found the solution.

  1. Go to Edit>Device Setup (way at the bottom of the menu)
    2 ) It should say “Generic Low Latency Driver”. Click on Device Control Panel.
  2. Way at the top, it should have something called “Card Options”. Under that is a box that says “Allow ASIO host to take exclusive control (etc., etc.)” MAKE SURE THAT BOX IS CHECKED! If it isn’t, then check it.

It apparently is necessary on Windows 10 computers for Dorico to take "exclusive control"s of ASIO for it to play back on both channels. If somebody else has another solution, please post it.

Please see also this thread:

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