sound only on one side


I’m new to cubase and i have a problem that might be solved easally.

My stereo installation is connected to my pc with an AUX cable. When i look on the VST-connections panel, cubase sais that both left and right should be working. However: it works only on one side… If i go to the device setup, under “VST system link” “outputs” i can only chose to have sound on the left OR on the right side. Both is not really an option.

please help me to solve this issue :slight_smile:


Set up a mono input bus and select it on the track.

if i set up a mono imput bus, all it sais is: Missing: microphone… I use Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver. Could that be it? And how do i select a bus on a track?


You don’t want Sys Link. You want to select your ASIO driver in VST Audiosystem. If you don’t have an ASIO driver, use ASIO4All. Google it. What interface do you have?

I’ve did that before and the ASIO4ALL driver didn’t work at all. Now i installed it again and it does!! thx a lot!