Sound Out

I just getting started with my Zoom R16 and Cubase L8 and I just can’t seem to find where to set or choose
sound out, so I get the sound out to my speakers I mean. Anybody knows where?


Press F4 (VST Connections) and head over to the output section.

Ooh and first do device setup and select the Zoom ASIO driver first before setting vstconnections.

Device setup is all set for zoom R16 as well as VST input an output. I thought maybe output should be the soundcard in the computer but I can’t choose Nvidia.

I can record and stuff, I see the mixerboard and I see something is recording but I cant hear it

Maybe your master output needs to re-configured. As I understand correct, the zoom R16 is a soundcard but also and a stand-a-lone SD Recorder multi tracking device, you should use the r16 outputs, to mix sound devices in cubase with ASIO is a bad idea.

Research if your device has operating modus multitrack vs sound device.

Try to search for a zoom forum where there are users having the same hardware as you do.

Just to make sure, you are actually connecting your speakers to the R16 right?

Thx for all answers.
R16 is connected to my computer as a interface for sound in and out and computer is connected to my hifi with hdmi…
Have tried just to connect the computers speaker but nothing there.

And the R16 came with cubase so it’s compability should be good.

Using the R16 you should (and is really the only option) connect your speakers to the output 1+2 of the R16, it’s problematic to use the the hdmi output as far as I can tell, you’re complicating your situation by doing this, as said before combining sounddevices is not supported in Cubase (it is possible but then you should posses advanced knowledge).

Ooh and tell us if you’re using windows or mac.

Yes, there’s your problem. You see, you selected the ZOOM ASIO driver in Cubase. This driver allows Cubase to access the physical in and outputs of your audio interface. Because you selected the ZOOM ASIO driver, it only gives access to the ZOOM in and outputs. As such, Cubase can’t use your HDMI audio output. (You shouldn’t want to use HDMI audio output anyway, because even with the right ASIO driver it’s latency performance will be terrible.)
In other words, you should really try to have just 1 device handling all your audio, in this case the R16. Since it’s got higher quality outputs than your onboard soundcard this is by far your best option.
However, if you insist on using the HDMI output, there are ways to make it work. As Mroekalea said, we’ll need to know your operating system. If Mac, search for ‘aggregated device’, if Windows, search for ‘asio4all’.

Thx. It’s windows i’m using…
Will try to connect R16 to the speakers instead…