Sound Problem with 'Allow applications to take exclusive control'

When Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device is checked in the Advanced tab of the Speaker Properties, I get the Audio Rendering error on YouTube or other applications.

When I uncheck the Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device it solves the YouTube problem but then I get no sound out of Cubase.
I feel caught between a rock and hard place. I want to be able to follow along with vid tutorials.

Anyone have any suggestions how to make everything work properly, i.e. YouTube running without error and Cubase having sound at the same time?

Btw Release Driver when Application is in the Background is checked in the Studio Setup, and I also have the Windows sample rate matched up with the ASIO driver ( 44100 Hz).

One thing I noted is that there is an FL Studio driver that appears in the Studio Setup audio system options… could this be interfering? I wouldn’t think so given I seemed to have pinpointed the issue to the settings in the speaker properties (Allow applications to take exclusive control), but idk.

Not a specialist, far from it : but few hints, maybe…

The first I would do is to UNtick the Cubase>Studio Setup>Audio System> Release driver when application is in backgroud. I always had issues, leaving this one active. Same thing for Windows Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device, by the way. Then you might be able to use both Cubase and Youtube at least alternatively, but YMMV, as too often : not all the drivers are multi-client (allowing several applications to use it in parallel).

If it’s not your case, I admit that I have no true solution, beside maybe activating also the onboard soundchip of your mobo with either MME, Direct Sound or WASAPI. I never had to do so, from which, I’m unable to say how this should be done, beside maybe physically connecting its ouput to an input pair of your interface, in a way or another, or using the eventual computer speakers/headphones outputs beside your interface ones…

Beside this, what interface are you actually using ? I ask this, because some interface drivers/control software have a ‘loopback’ function, that allows you to reroute an unused output to an also unused software input, thus, making the signal available for a playback/recording in a Cubase audio channel. For this, it’s better to have at least an added stereo output pair at disposal, beside the ones you are already using. If it’s the case, the trick is to set the Windows ‘Speakers’ to use the unused hardware output pair and, if the driver of your interface allows it, ‘loop’ its output to an available input. In example, RME drivers allow this, and it’s quite easy for me, here, to eventually record something coming from Firefox, thanks to this.

And I wouldn’t worry about the FL Studio driver but wondering what this one is for, actually : I have always thought, until now, that FL Studio was a ‘DAW’, not an interface of any kind…

HTWH a little.

Yeah that didn’t work
and I’m not savvy with all the technical stuff tbh with y ou
But thank you for posting a reply to give a shot!