SOUND problem with groove agent

Hi Guyz

I’m having a very boring problem : when i progam some beats on midi with Groove Agent ( Battery does the same shit) , there is a sort of fade in on my drum kits. the attacks are not the good ones. so even the hardest kicks sound smoth because of this kinda fade in. it also changes the velocity by it self , even if all the veolicity are the same on cubase. i don’t understand.

If i pu lots of notes on my beat, the sounds seem to be good, but if i put only few notes, there is this fucking fade in on each sound :frowning:

I also have this problem with the clic: the sound changes. it’s loud it there are lots of informations on the playback, but it goes down when i have silences in my playback. it’s fucking boring, i’d like to have the same clic volume during all my recording

could you help me please ?

I am on CUbase 8.0.40 . the file attached is a copy of my screen so you can see all the velocities are the same, on my dropbox link, you can hear the difference of the sound kicks that should not exist :


I import your mp3 into Cubase and there is no obvious volume difference between kicks and they look and sound like normal kicks to me.

How are you monitoring, what is your interface, what buffer settings what o/s, do you have anything on the master bus or in control room inserts, does it do this if you start a new empty project (NOT from template), if you import this mp3 to Cubase can you hear the volume change???

my interface is a MOTU 1248. I just tried to do the same thing monitoring with my Mac internal soundcard and it seems to be ok. So i guess it must come from the soundcard.

the fact that you don’t hear any different at your place seems to go on this direction.

I’m gonna write to MOTU to understand what happens because i didn’t have this problem when i used a Focusrite Liquid saffire 56

PROBLEM SOLVED ! there was a GATE on the internal mixer of the Motu soundcard !

how do i delete my message ?

Glad you found the problem.

Delete what message??

This one, now it’s solved and it does not concern Cubase, i guess i should delete it , no ?

No it has to remain so everyone sees your foolish mistake…Bwahahaha :smiling_imp:

No way to delete entire threads…it’ll soon enough disappear off the bottom of the page never to be seen again.

I almost went a few days mixing a song with an EQ and comp hidden away in Control Room.

I drove myself absolutely crazy! Don’t ever put audio plugins in Control Room! Only utility and metering!