Sound problems: cannot locate... No Edit Layer...

New Dorico user, I have no sound coming out from Dorico.
When I get the Halion window open, I do get sound by playing with the mouse on the keyboard: a generic synth sound.
But I have several error messages:

  • at opening of a project (created the first time I used Dorico): “Cannot Locate Impulse Response File”…
  • in the Halion window: “No Layer Edit Page Found” - “Please Make sure the required VST Sound Instrument set is correctly installed!”.

I would love to “make sure” everything is correctly installed, of course, but can’t find how to proceed (I tried to find the information in the forums & FAQ, but didn’t manage…)
I’m on Mac OS 10.11.6, with Dorico installed, and VST engine

I can send you screenshots if needed. Thanks.

These errors suggest that the HALion library is not correctly installed, so I would try installing again.

Yes, maybe I didn’t install everything the first time. Installing again now. Thanks.