Sound problems on SE

I have several students who are having great problems getting sound on their computers. I have solved most issues but one; I just can’t find the problem that is preventing it from playing anything back. It is on a PC, I have checked the preferences, set the 48000, used the Halion, checked what speakers in the Audio set up, yet still no sound. Help?

I’m sure this advice is probably out of date, but I have had no problems since I started using FlexASIO and made sure the Windows advanced sound settings were not set to exclusive.

(FWIW I’m still on Win10)

I believe there is new Steinberg ASIO Driver you could try, but I’ve not needed to explore it.

Hi @gdayswu, please create on that student’s computer a new project from piano template and do from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. From that I shall be able to tell more. Thanks

Thanks. I had the student do a total reinstall and it seems to be working…

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