Sound Problems with UR22c

Hi, and sorry my english isnt good.

My UR22c is always muting the audio of other programms, if i run cubase or adobe ME, also when i close the programm, e.g. i cant even play a video in netflix or youtube, it just dont start.
the problem is also there after i close cubase, the only solution is to plug out and in the interface. its very annoying and makes the interface uselss for me, because i switch alot between software.
the problem is only there since i use a steinberg interface, before it had no issues like this.

the interface is at :
512 samples
mode: standard
usb 3.1
driver is: Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver 2.1.1 ยท 4.6 MB

i its set to
applications have sole control over the device
applications in exclusive mode have priority

i tryed with on and off this modes

can someone help me?

Solved, i changed to old driver version and the problem is gone