I have noticed when bouncing down a track they sound different to producing in the box.
I get a high screeching frequency on my synths, they sound too open and not as controlled , even once I put compression or multiband on the master buss the track sounds to blasted with the synths. Now, I know its not me because when I use Fruityloops the synths sound more controlled and there is no loud screetchyness coming from the same synths (Spire, Serum , Massive etc. I’ve heard a few producers complain about the same problem. It almost seems like cubase’s sound engine is to high freq or doesnt have a standard filter comp like youtube etc?
What is the best solution for this? Eq doesnt help the problem it only dulls the overall sound. It sounds like theres somtheing wrong when producing dance music and why does it sound so out when I havent even boosted the eq?

Figured out what the problem was… just moved to fruity loops. All sorted!