Sound slightly different after bounce

Hello everyone, this is Leean, I have a problem that confuse me a long time.
It is sound a little different between playback in DAW and after bounce
I know that this topic maybe talk about before, but still never get the final answer. (I already read different forum and post related to this issue……)
So I did a various platform test. Please be patient and read, thanks.

About the scenario, using cubase 6.5, project set to 44.1kHz 16bit, then import a 44.1kHz 16bit Wave file (a commercial professional track) to cubase (so it’s no conversion occur), play back in daw sound normal, then choose same bounce setting (44.1kHz 16bit Wave file) (also without any plugin) and bounce it out then import back to the same project, that file sounds is little bit different, listen very carefully,
The sound is:
1: high end is a little bit roll off
2. Low end part the is not tight as original

Also I did the test on three different laptop and PC.

I already try to use different Wave file (44.1kHz 16bit) to test still the same result.
Also I test on different platform (all is 64 bit OS and DAW):

  1. Window10, Cubase 6.5, RME babyface Pro / Steinbreg UR22
  2. OSX10, Cubase 6.5, RME babyface Pro / Steinbreg UR22
  3. Windows7, PT HD 10, RME babyface Pro / Steinbreg UR22
  4. Window10, Ableton Live 9, RME babyface Pro / Steinbreg UR22

I did all the same thing on different system and result is the same, I am so frustrating.
Maybe you guys can do a simple test like me, just import a wave file (44.1kHz 16bit) without conversion, then bounce it back to the Daw using “export -> Audio mixing down” (44.1kHz 16bit, same as the audio source) then listen very carefully, is it occur these two symptoms?

Here are two example (kick and snare):

Testing Situation:
Window10 64bit, Cubase 6.5 64bit, RME babyfacePro. Always in wave file (44.1kHz 16bit), stereo, no dither, no normalizing at all, just import then bounce it out.

About the bounce kick:

  1. Low end tail seems longer.
  2. Low end not tight as original.
  3. High end seems roll off a bit

About the bounce snare:

  1. The transient seems suppress
  2. Overall sound not open as original

Would you guys please help me? I am really appreciated.
Thanks in advanced.


You using control room?

If you are make sure you disable your stereo outs or you’ll be hearing the feed from the control room and the stereo out buss.


Thanks Manike, I don’t use Control Room at all, I have found this issue since I am using Cubase6.5, so confuse……


Hey -

I just downloaded those files and they null so It means they’re the same.