Sound when selecting durations, articulations, etc.

I think the note entry workflow in Dorico is very good. It’s also very logical and it’s just a matter of getting accustomed. However, one thing has been a bit annoying. When selecting durations, articulations, rest mode, chord mode, etc. Dorico produces a sound of the pitch previously entered. Of course, it’s a good idea to have some kind of auditory feedback when one selects a duration, articulation, etc. but I would expect some kind of “tic” sound, like the one virtual keyboards produce on tablets. In my opinion, a note should only be heard when entered. Otherwise, it’s very confusing, especially if you’re not looking at the screen. Interestingly, as my keyboard is in Spanish, I changed the layout to match my keyboard’s and now there is no sound when I make those selections, only when I enter a note. It’s better, to be honest, but it’s still confusing. A “tic” sound would help a lot.

This is driving me crazy. I’ve been turning the sound off when entering notes.

This has been improved a bit further since 1.0.10 was released a week ago, and you should find it improved in the next update.