Soundcard doesn't appear in VST Audio System

My soundcard simply doesn’t appear when I want to choose it as Asio Driver in VST Audio System in Devices menu.

It’s connected, and has worked recently.
I’ve tried restarting PC and restarting Cubase. I’ve also tried deactivating various sound devices on the PC in the Control Panel. And I’ve tried using various usb-ports.

I use Windows 10. The soundcard is M-Audio Fast Track USB, which I would think is approximately 10 years old. If you reply, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

version •6.1.12•Jun 20, 2013
•This is the final driver release for the Fast Track USB
•Adds Windows 8 support
•Note that Windows 10 (or later) is not compatible and will not be qualified

maybe choose comptibility mode may work
or go back to win 7/8

The soundcard already has the latest driver, dated 19-Oct-15.

What DLearyUS says…