Soundcloud upload after export gives error

After using the “Upload to Soundcloud” option in the “After Export” drop-down menu of the Export Audio Mixdown dialog box, my browser (Firefox 82.0.3) opens, I log into Soundcloud, then I get a box stating: Steinberg Upload Manager / Internal program error. / Error code: 22

Cubase Pro 11.0.0
Win 10 1909


Soundcloud component has been removed from the installer (I think for Cubase 10 for the 1st time). If you have the component installed from older Cubase versions, it also appears in Cubase 11. But there are known issues (this is one of them), therefore it’s not supported anymore.

Sometimes it helps, if you log in to the Sounndcloud within your web browser, before you start upload from Cubase. But it’s not 100% workaround.