Soundcraft MTK 22


I just received my new Soundcraft MTK 22 mixing desk and i am having trouble to set it up with my Cubase 8.0

The trouble concerns the assignment of output channels to the desk from Cubase.

Does anyone know if there is a manual on how to connect the desk with Cubase?

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Can you explain the problem in more detail, it should be about the same process as setting up any audio interface.

Sorry for this very late reply.

I have solved the problem and it works fine now.

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hi carl,

bit late, but just saw this topic now through google.

i was thinking of buying a mtk 22 from soundcraft as well. cause my ur44 steinberg card is full. may i ask how happy you are with the desk so far? and was installing easy?

im using my synths and drummachines as “external hardware” and love that way of working.

so, if i connect a stereo synth to lets say channel 1 and 2 on the desk, i can make cubase “understand” thats an external synth? just like with any other soundcard? and are you happy with the sound and how its build?

anyways, some thoughts would be welcome :slight_smile:

Hi C-Jay

I have the Soundcraft MTK 22 and use it with Nuendo…the inputs and outputs show up just the same in the device/studio setup connections for any other interface…

I really love the sound of it…it’s a bit complicated to figure out at first – at least it took me a bit of getting used to mixing with it using the USB returns…it still takes me a while to think things out before mixing but it’s always given great results in terms of sound…

One thing that makes it a bit complicated is that you can’t print the EQ while you’re recording…you have to record first and then you can use the USB return to go through the board for the effects and the EQ for the channels…it does add some time…

My basic approach with it has been I generally record through my Apollo, using that as my interface for tracking…then I simply switch the interface preference in the device/studio setup menu to the Soundcraft and re-record tracks through there…the MTK is full on analog (not a digital hybrid) so it sounds really fantastic, IMO…

and if you happen to have a UAD interface, you can still use the Soundcraft as your interface and you can still use your UAD plugins as long as it’s hooked up to your computer…that was something I didn’t realize for a bit but you can use your UAD plugins from you UAD interface while you have the Soundcraft activated as your interface…

Hope that helps…

Ah, after re-reading your post I see your using the Steinberg interface…well, maybe the UAD part will end up answering someone else’s question via google…

And, yeah as far as build quality, I haven’t noticed anything flimsy about it…it’s not build like a tank like my old 70s Studiomaster was but it feels pretty sturdy…

I’m happy with buying it…it’s been a bit cumbersome to use at times but it sounds way better than plugins…and there’s something with the kick drum sounds that it gets…it’s done a really good job for me with that…I haven’t run an analog synth through it but I’ve ran some Halion sounds with it and it really brought out something in those tones…

One last thing that’s cool is you do get the built in Lexicon FX…it’s kind of like getting one of their MPX boxes built in to mix with…

hi mate,

thanks for the extensive reply, that really helps!

the thing is, i dont actually “need” a mixer and soundcard in one, as i mix in the box. but there is literally not one soundcard on the market, that has more than 10 inputs, standard from the factory. most have 8, which you can extend with adat. or maybe 10, and adat.

there is one soundcard from ESI that has 16 jack inputs, but well…thats ESI. not really super build. google: esi_u168_xt (i cant post links here apparently.

im leaning towards the new steinberg ur816c, but again, that one has 8 ins. and i need 8, so i will be full again :slight_smile:

right now i have the ur44, 6 ins.
1 for my sub37
1 for my tr8s
2 for my blofeld
2 for my prophet rev2
2 for my nordlead 1 keys

i cheat, as i have my nordlead now plugged into the “external in” of my tr8s. in mono. works fine, but still.

anyways, im drifting off :slight_smile:
the thing is, i want all my gear to work simultaneously, but i never record them all together. or use them all together live. so basically, i could do with a nice analog mixer. with 16 ins or more.

the only thing i cant get to work in my head, is that i than dont have all gear as “external instruments” in cubase. and that just feels sooooo nice. u can use them like u would use a vst.

could you please let me know, is this possible with the soundcraft?
so, lets say channel 1 and 2 are my blofeld, on the soundcraft. 1 left, 2 right. can i make an “external instrument” out of those 2 channels / my blofeld, just lilke in the current situation? or does it only “see” the whole mixer, as “one thing” coming into cubase? hope i make sense :slight_smile:

so yeah: if i wouldnt had to think about 700 euros moneywise (which is a lot for me, these corona days) i would buy the soundcraft. instantly.

but maybe its time for me to do some meditation, and focus my brain on a simple mixer. maybe even the soundcraft :slight_smile: but than without MTK.

i never record multiple machines at once, so i might just need to go for a normal mixer, with a stereo out going into my UR44.

end of rant :slight_smile: any thoughts welcome.

The MTK inputs/outputs show up individually…not as the mixer as a whole…you can set them up as individual mono busses or use two inputs as a stereo bus…like you normally do in VST connections…I don’t work with external instrument inputs but I do use the Soundcraft as individual inputs and outputs like I do my other interface…

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