Soundfield by Rode + Nuendo: Can anyone confirm bugs?

Are there any Rode NT-SF1 users out there successfully working with recordings + soundfield by rode vst plugin in Nuendo 10?
I used to have no issues in Cubase 9x; recently upgraded to Nuendo…internal routing behaviour of the plugin seems all over the shop.

It would be great if anyone would care to test this; you don’t need the mic…
Rode has sample raw recordings and the free plugin available for download on their website.

I’d be most appreciative if you could assist on this…it’s driving me nuts!!


hi - haven’t tried this for a while but did test with nuendo a few months ago and seemed fine.

What do you mean by “all over the shop” - what’s not working ?

Basically, panning/routing within the plugin doesn’t seem to behave as you’d expect. I’m going from NT-sf1 input to 5.1 output.

Uninstalled and reinstalled plugin. Seemed to do the trick. Hope that helps someone else at some stage.

thanks for the update