Soundfont (or other sampled sound) -> Instrument

Hi all,

I’d like to augment the built in instruments with soundfonts (or other sampled instruments, but I have some good SF files that I’d at least like to try).

I do not want to rely on sending mulittrack/instrument input from, e.g. BS16 via Audiobus one instrument / track at a time and then doing a dance with freezing tracks, but, rather, loading a multi-part MIDI file in Cubasis itself, and then using built-in instruments. I can do that already with what’s provided. However I want to augment the built in instruments with some new ones.

Is there a way to do this? I have no problem using iFunbox or the like to add to the Cubasis app dir if need be if there’s no direct import mechanism, but what I see there are the .cbi files and can’t find any format information on those.

I’ve searched, here in the forums, and elswhere doing some googlegwork, and haven’t come across anything.

Any thoughts?

Kind regards

Derek Jones.