Soundfont Player for Cubase 5, Windows 7

Okay, I’ve got this really good SoundFont for a hammered dulcimer, but I can’t find a player for it. I use Cubase 5 under Windows 7. Any help is appreciated.

Go to kvraudio, should be able to find something there. Have you tried sfz?

I’ve tried using sfz, and it crashes. I’ve got 64-bit windows, and am running 64-bit Cubase. The sfz player doesn’t seem to work for me. When I create the sfz instrument and assign it to a midi track, then click to assign the instrument, the application hangs without ever doing anything. I get that stupid little rotating prompt from now until doomsday.

Any other suggestions?

When I tried sfz+ in Win 7-64 (Cubase 6-64), I used Mode > PR32 and it worked.

I hope it works for you as well.