Hello, I wanted to understand if Dorico can use sounds in sf3 format. Can you help me?

SF3 is MuseScore’s own take on SF2 (files are stored as OGG instead of MP3).

You’d need to find a VST player that can play SF3 files.

I tried to follow your advice, but as you can verify from the screenshot, the mac, although I have set it to accept third-party applications, does not let me start.

Click OK in this window, then right-click the file and choose Open from the context menu, which will show this message again with an extra Open button.

Thank you, this is what I get.

Move that VST3 plug-in to /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST3, then run Dorico and see if it appears.

To find the right Library folder, in the Finder choose Go > Go To Folder and then paste the location:


and click Go.

Same problem unfortunately.

You don’t need to run the VST3 plug-in itself. You just need to run Dorico, which will load the plug-in.

This happens to me

Vedi qui:

Nota: puoi anche concedere un’eccezione per un’app bloccata facendo clic sul pulsante “Apri comunque” nelle impostazioni “Sicurezza e Privacy”. Questo pulsante è disponibile per circa un’ora dopo che tenti di aprire l’app.

Per modificare quali app possono aprirsi sul Mac, scegli menu Apple > Impostazioni di Sistema, fai clic su “Privacy e Sicurezza” nella barra laterale, quindi vai su Sicurezza. (Potresti dover scorrere verso il basso.)

That too, but there’s no way to see it.

Presumably it’s being blocked by the audio engine. Try clicking the Clear Audio Engine Data button on the VST Plug-ins page of Preferences, then restarting Dorico.

If this doesn’t work, you should look for an alternative VST plug-in.

Unfortunately neither, that’s how it works.