Soundforge Pro Not Seeing Spectrallayers 7

Sound Forge No Longer sees Spectral Layers Pro 6 and Above? Know Why? Using Version 12.

It’s probably because Sound Forge Pro 12 is used to look for Sony or Magix SpectraLayers and doesn’t know about Steinberg SpectraLayers. Version 13 and 14 of Sound Forge fixes this.

If for nothing else (other than accessing SpectraLayers Pro 6 or 7), updating to SoundForge 14 might be worth considering for the colored icons and a small range of grey shades for the workspace along with a variable but limited range of colors for the waveform. I found with SF12 and earlier that the off-white high-contrast workspace took a toll on my eyes including headaches after long usage. Not so with SF13/14 because of the more muted workspace color choices. Nonetheless, the waveform colors could be improved - maybe they’re just a bit too subtle with some colors.

Right Now Probably Reinstall Spectral Layers Pro 5.
For Windows I Am using Saplitude Pro X4 Suite,Reaper,And CalkWalk.
ALL Have Spectral Layers Pro 6 or above. AND RX 7 Standard, Reaper.:slight_smile: