Soundly spot to Nuendo 11

Does anyone have problems when spotting a sound from soundly to Nuendo by clicking the little nuendo icon in Soundly?
I got an error message: Medium type not supported or invalid medium!
However, I could drag and drop the same sound without a problem…
Anyone knows how to fix it?

Weird. Some questions: which OS, what type of file, what are the project settings in N11 and did you contact Soundly?

I am running on mac os 11.5.2 Big Sur, but tried the same thing on mac os 10.13 and got the same error message.
I also tried all kinds of wav and mp3 files, 24Bit/16bit, 48khz/96khz, stereo/ multi-channels…all the same here.
Project setting has nothing special, 24fps, 48khz, 24bit.
I haven’t contacted Soundly, maybe I should ask them as well.

I’m on Mojave and just tested this with the newest version and the one I had installed, no problems so far. Did you set permission correctly for Soundly in the security panel of macOS? might be worth reinstalling soundly and see if that helps. but do contact them they are very responsive and nice people in my experience.

Working here on macOS Monterey as well. Just installed on a new Mac. I did have to give access in System Preferences > Privacy for spotting to work.

Yes! it’s the privacy thing…
Now it’s working without problems:>
Thank you all.