Soundminer/ReWire question

I haven’t had Soundminer ReWire working in a long time. Trying to figure out what’s going on.

I’ve downloaded what appears to be the latest version - 1.7?

I’ve just been routing the output of SM to my Ensemble and monitoring that way. Doesn’t work so well with multichannel files.

I am running 64-bit on Mac 10.7.4, not sure if ReWire is 64-bit compatible. I am finding it strange that there’s little info on ReWire out there right now. Seems I’m finding dated info, old articles, etc.


Why ReWire?

I’m running SoundMiner directly to Nuendo 6x, Mac Pro on 10.7x, using exactly the same setup I had for SoundMiner and N3 on a PPC Mac. The update from N3>N5, and then N5>N6, went flawlessly (from a Soundminer point of view).

If you want, let me know and I’ll pull full details and a setup page screenshot when I’m in the studio.

Hey Jay - thanks.

Right now I’m running SM through my Ensemble I/O, but the mapping of multichannel files (5.0 in this case) aren’t playing back correctly.

I’m not following you when you say you’re running straight to Nuendo? How so - physical I/Os?

I thought I read that SM was on it’s way to becoming an AAX/VST plug that you’d just put on an aux bus.

Thanks Jay!

I’m not following you when you say you’re running straight to Nuendo? How so - physical I/Os?

For previewing SM plays through the Mac’s s/pdif output, which comes up on the console as another input, same as a mic. The console’s main out is routed via TDIF to a digital pair on a MOTU 2408, which is Nuendo’s normal input source. So I designate one track as “feed”, leave it in monitor mode with solo-defeat on, and that’s how I listen while selecting from SM. (Also how I listen to YouTube, SoundDogs, stock music houses, etc.) So yes, physical i/o.

When I’ve selected/marked the effect I press the S key in SoundMiner, and somehow it hops into the selected Nuendo track right at the cursor. No ReWire or any other go-between needed. I’m sure I originally set it up that way in SM’s prefs; that’s what I volunteered to take a screenshot of.

Got it. Yeah, my transferring/spotting/etc. works fine, I am finding that the more multichannel recordings I acquire, the more issues I have with correct mapping out of SM and into my system.

Feeding the op from SM into one of my I/Os would certainly work, and I imagine there’s consistency between session track layout, etc also. Thanks for the heads up.

Soundminer is not Rewire 64bit compatible ATM, maybe with v4.5 ? So the SM rewire device will just not appear in Nuendo if launched in 64bit.
As said Jay above, Rewire is not so important if you’re using something else than Pro Tools, because SM can use the same audio interface as Nuendo at the same time. No need to make an audio loop from your audio i/o, just using the same Core Audio device will do it just fine.

Concerning monitoring (with Rewire or not), check that your ChannelLayout metadata is set correctly in Soundminer for each surround sound. If it’s set correctly, each channel should play in the right Nuendo rewire input. Note that you’re limited to 5.1 (no 7.1 or up), but anything beyond will be ok (L/R/Ls/Rs, or L/C/R, etc.).



SoundMiner was working fine for me in N6. When I updated to N6.03, it lost functionality!

I can “Send to” from SM, and it puts the desired sfx clip into the pool of the current production. But when I use the S key for a standard place-into-DAW, nothing. Clip doesn’t go to the pool, doesn’t go anywhere. Certainly doesn’t go to the editor on the selected track at the cursor, the way it always has in the past.

I trashed SM’s prefs, no help. I tried running my archived copy of N6.02, still broken.

If I open the project in N5.54, SM works perfectly. Which means I have to use that app for placing sfx, at least for the time being. Or do a multi-step approach where I send to N6, select in pool, ctl-c to place the selected clip at the cursor…

Any ideas?

I’ve been in touch with Steve Pecile, the very helpful and nice head of SoundMiner.

Current SM will not spot to Nuendo 6. It’ll send sfx clips to the Pool, and even leave them highlighted for you, but you’ll have to go the extra keyclick to “place selected sound at cursor”.

There was an older API that let SM do the full spotting to the edit timeline, but Steinberg dropped it with this version. They’ve developed a newer and better way of doing that job, which Steve will be integrating in the next upgrade for SoundMiner.

In the meantime, I’ll be spotting in N5.54 and then mixing in N6.03. At least the files are up- and down- compatible.