I know this topic is not really a CuBase question but I figured some would have an answer.

I have my basement set up as my studio. Off of my basement is a storage closet which I turned into a vocal both. I purchased a roll of Peacemaker soundproofing board from Audimute and layered all the walls with that and then put sheet rock over it. The two side walls are concrete as well. So thats not really the problem. I the replace the closet door with a solid door. However the solid door gives no sound proof quality at all. If you are in the room and just talking at regular volume I can still hear you on the other side.

What is the best way to insulate this door. I feel like I spent all this time getting the whole room set up and sound proof but even with the solid wood door its not soundproof. I am not expecting it to be dead silent but if someone is singing or if I put an amp in there I really need to have the sound reduced.

Any suggestions to how or what I need to do to soundproof this door? I was thinking getting wood glue and putting that rubber foam material thats used for siding all over the door but im open to any suggestions .


Mike Pelle

I had the same problem so ended up with two doors with a half meter gap between them…Kevin