Sounds Cards and Recording wih Cubase LE4

I am getting back to using Cubase LE 4. Do I need to get a sound card (2,4,8, etc channels) to record from analog tape decks, microphones etc? Does CuBase documentation explain this part in the initial setup?

I want to record in Cubase using stero input.

I am using Cubase LE4 version 4.1.2. How old is this? What is the latest version? Can I download if I am registered?


Normally, the LE version of Cubase is an OEM and would have been bundled with a sound interface device of some sort which you will certainly need if you wish to record from microphones. If it’s just to record from analogue tape decks, you could use a simple free software like Audacity and the sound card integrated in your computer. I have Cubase LE 4, which came with a recently purchased Lexicon device, so it’s still current. If you register the software, you should be able to download any available updates.