Sounds don't play on old project, but play on new project

Hi everybody. I just got a new computer (Windows 10) and re-installed Cubase Elements 9.5 and EW Hollywood Orchestra. I imported a project from my previous laptop (also Windows 10), and everything looks good, but the sound doesn’t play. As a test, I created a new project, and the sound played. So the issue isn’t with the sound in a general sense…it seems like it’s not able to make the association between the new Cubase install and the instruments from the previous project, perhaps because I installed EW Hollywood Orchestra in a different folder on the new laptop…but if that’s the case, I’m not sure how I would restore the association. Any ideas? Thanks!

Check your audio routing. Your studio audio connections might not have selected outputs/device ports, on the older projects.

Thank you for the reply. Ended up copying and pasting into new tracks, which solved the issue.

I have to copy old projects to new empty ones all the time because of some bug in cubase in the last year. this is really bizzarre, if i open a project from 2019 (cubase 10?) the audio just won’t play. I see red CPU spikes so maybe it’s freaking out over something, but there are no VST instruments and only outboard effects. Usually when this happens it’s a sample rate problem, but all rates are also fine. This is a big [BUG] in Cubase 11/12 reading older cubase projects.