Sounds in Halion 6 don't play anymore

I 'm using the latest Cubase pro 11 version and the Absolute 4 Collection.

I opened a project I haven’t used for a couple of months and wondered why it sounded different, then I noticed that tracks with Halion 6 sounds were not playing.
I have a track with preset named ‘musette accordion’ and no sound is played. When I search in Halion for ‘accordion’, I get a few results but none of them is played back. Then I randomly picked a sound named ‘cornflake’ and it played back.

What to do now?
I already tried to download and install Halion 6 again but the problem couldn’t be solved.


I would try to reinstall the HALion library.

Thanks for your reply, but what is the correct way to reinstall the library?


Download it from the Steinberg Download Assistant and install it.

That’s what I already did.
I updated the download assistant, downloaded Halion 6 and the content (ca. 30 GB) and installed it.


Can you download just the library, please? Btw, if you are on Windows, I would recommend to install it as administrator.

How does it look like in the Steinberg Library Manager?

Thanks for your help!
I’m on MacOs Montery 12.5.
The download assistant looks like this:


I see, you are on Mac.

I tried to download “Content Halion 6” (size 30,29 GB) twice with the Steinberg Download Assistant, but I got an error just before the download was complete.
I’m downloading the third time now, and each time I have to start again from 0 GB, I can’t resume the download.
Is this normal?

Okay, I was finally successful to download and reinstall the Halion Content.
But the sounds still don’t play.

For example the accordion:
I’m shown 19 hits when I search Halion 6 using the filter ‘accordion’ … but only one sound will play (‘Tango Accordion’) … but even ‘Tango Accordion1/2/3’ won’t play.

I mean one accordion is better than none, but …



You mean this?

Part Two of the Halion library

This is not a content issue.

Open Cubase’s Key Editor and press the + button to the bottom left of the controller lane:

Then click Show Used Controllers.

Also check your MIDI velocities.

Try opening Halion and click the MIDI Reset button near the Steinberg logo. Also check the Mixer tab and press the buttons to the top left to check the output buses:

Thanks for your help, Romantique!
I checked the used midi controllers (there’s only the volume controller) … there are volume events between 80 and 120.
I hit the MIDI reset button, still no sound.
I checked the output busses.
Everything fine.
If a take the same track and change the instrument from Halion to Kontakt, I can hear every sound that I choose. So this can’t be an output channel problem of the track. The track is routed to the keys sub bus like in every other project.
I can put the midi part on another instrument track like ‘The Grand’ and I can hear the part. So the part cannot have a problem.

And I still CAN hear some sounds of the Halion 6 … for example the ‘Tango accordion’.

What happens if you use Halion in a new project?

I’ve just tried it in another project. The same problem.
I can hear sounds like ‘Tango Accordion’ and ‘Cornflake’ in Halion 6 but I can’t hear any other accordion sound.

Just to try to rule out the content as being the issue first:

Please follow these steps to force Halion to rescan all content, but go to the “HALion 6_64” folder instead of the “HALion Sonic SE_64” folder. Delete everything in the Halion 6 folder instead of just the files specified.

Open Halion, load one of the sounds that weren’t working and open the Mapping tab.
Click the image Trigger Zones button at the top, then click the zones in blue. Do you hear anything? Any errors? What about the Sample tab, do you hear anything when you click the Play button to the top left? Do you see a waveform in the center?

Please run the Steinberg Library Manager again and take a screenshot of the Halion Sonic Factory Library with Details expanded like this:

Please also try playing other acoustic instrument presets.

Is Halion 6 updated to 6.4.40? Check by clicking the Halion logo with the plugin open.

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1.) Halion 6 is updated to (14. Sep 2021)
2.) I tried several acoustic guitars and they didn’t play either.
3.) In the sample tab I can see a waveform and I hear a sound of an accordion note when pressing the play button.
4.) In the mapping tab I don’t hear anything when clicking the blue zones.
5.) To clarify: Under “Follow these steps” I’m told to delete only the files specified, but you told me to delete everything but these files, correct?

You should delete the configuration files, example:

As well as RAMPresets.xml which is in the Presets folder on Windows.