Sounds just stops


So I can not find any other topics with this issue, but here goes.

I am using Cubase 7 on Windows 8. I have updated to 7.0.7 to ensure there were no compatibility issues, but this happened before my upgrade (not sure of original version).

When I use cubase everything seems normal until you try to listen to what you have made/edited.

I can reproduce the problem quite simply:

  1. Open Cubase

Problem recreated!

This is a fresh installation of Cubase 7 (less than an hour old with the patch).

This is what I have to do to hear anything:

  1. Remove audio device from VST connections (output)
  2. Open “Device Setup”
  3. Open “Control Panel”
  4. Re-Assign my headphones in the “Output Ports”
  5. Close both those windows saving all changes
  6. Re-Assign “Audio Device” in “VST Connections - Outputs”

Sound will then play for anywhere between 1sec and 30sec (longest I have managed to achieve).

In order hear sound again once it drops I must (Re-Assign “Audio Device” in “VST Connections - Outputs”)

Again and again and again…

Any help or knowledge as to how I may go about finding the problem would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Graham ‘R3v07v3R’ Pelham.


This doesn’t sound like a bug… more like you are suffering from drop outs.
What audio interface do you have and what buffer size are you using?

Best regards,

I am not sure how to find the buffer size, but I have these drivers for audio:

  • Realtek HD Audio
  • Speakers (Sirus Headset)
  • RX-V373 (AMD High Definition Audio Device)


It seems you don’t have a dedicated audio interface, that might be the problem.
Realtek sound cards are good for video games but onboard soundcards cannot be recommended for the usage with our products since they do not allow working with low latencies due to missing ASIO drivers.

I will highly recommend you to read the following article:

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A dedicated external sound card is always favourite, but in the mean time you could try ASIO4all

It’s free…