Sounds like Crazy Diamond...?

Deutsche Version unten… :wink:

I’m thinking about how and what to use to recreate the sound of the synthesizer in “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” (i.e. the one at the beginning, the ell-long Gminor7).
Padshop? Halion? Retrologue? A combination?
Has anyone got that one working yet? How?

Thanks a lot!

Ich überlege, wie und womit man den Klang des Synthesizers in “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” (also den am Anfang, das ellenlange Gmoll7) nachbauen kann.
Padshop? Halion? Retrologue? Eine Kombination?
Hat jemand den schon hinbekommen? Wie?

Vielen Dank!

my cent from wikipedia

> Part I (Wright, Gilmour, Waters; from 0:00 to 3:54) There are no lyrics in Part I. The instrumental begins with a fade-in of a G minor chord created with an EMS VCS 3, ARP Solina, a Hammond organ, and a wine glass harp (recycled from an earlier project known as Household Objects). This is followed by Wright’s Minimoog passages leading into a lengthy, bluesy guitar solo played by Gilmour on a Fender Stratocaster (neck pickup) using a heavily compressed sound and reverb. Part I ends with the synthesizer chord fading into the background. During the fade-out some very faint conversation in the studio can be heard on the left channel.


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Hi @gennareniello
thanks for the hint :wink: I’m will try to find out, what instruments in Halion are similar to the ones described in the article


Arturia Analog lab - “Floyd Tribute” I & II have all what u ask