Friends, please don’t mind to advise me as I am brand new to Cubase LE AI Elements 11.
(1). Purchased Steinberg UR-44C.
(2) Just now downloaded Cubase AI-11 through Steinberg Download Assistant with its all associated downloads.
(3) In the Steinberg Download Assistant, I found main headings like “Cubase, Sounds & Loops, Dorico, Nuendo, Complementary products, WaveLab, VST Instruments & Plugins, Groove Agent Drum Kits and Styles, SpectraLayers” under which many plugins are lined-up for downloads.
(a) The shortcut on my PC screen shows one compound sentence “Cubase LE AI Elements 11”. But under the main heading of Cubase, it shows Cubase Elements 11, Elements 11 Update, AI 11, LE 11" are shown separately. Which update I have to download or does the Windows Update does it, or, shall I have to update the Cubase LE AI Elements 11 from its update facility within the software?
(b) Can I download preferred Sounds & Loops, VST Instruments & Plugins, Groove Agent Drum Kits & Styles, through the Steinberg Download Assistant after listening to them?
Thanks in Advance for your advice and guidance.
(c) The Steinberg download Assistant downloaded all its softwares in Downloads of “C” and the Folder named as WIN64 shows a total size of 1.31 GB. Can I cut this folder and paste it in other drive to reduce the load on “C”?

I can imagine, with your recent purchase, there was an edition of Cubase AI included. Whatever, I know it will NOT be a version of Cubase Elements - that is a separate standalone purchase, with its own associated license for activation.

So, inside the Steinberg Download Assistant app, I would choose Cubase AI 11 in the left-hand window, and this will reveal the latest edition available in the right-hand window (11.0.40) along with all its associated content/sound sets etc… Download each component, find where it has downloaded them to, and double-click to install (on the sound set/content files too.!)

Windows Update has nothing to do with your situation. Also, there is no ‘check for updates’ type facility inside the software itself.

Steinberg has historically got itself into a pretty convoluted user experience over the years, when it comes to applying, retrieving and registering its licensing/activation options, across its many products. The mechanisms/tools they invent and put in place each time to try and help smooth all this together, sometimes seem to have the net effect of making matters worse - especially for newcomers.

But, there is light on the horizon, we are told… Later this year, a whole new licensing ‘system’ is being rolled out across the company’s product line, which should bring a better experience for us all.!!

Good luck.!

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

With Steinberg Audio Device, you got Cubase AI license. Download the Full Installer and all the components within Cubase. Don’t open and download other tabs in SDA. You don’t have license for these.

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“Windows Update has nothing to do with your situation. Also, there is no ‘check for updates’ type facility inside the software itself.”
Then, I think in future I have to check up if anything like “AI 11 Update” appears under Cubase in the Download Assistant & click on it to download and install. Thanks a lot for your beautiful explanation. I had some experience with Cubase 5. With the help of tutorial videos and advices from all well experience like you, I will learn. Thanks once again. :+1: :ok_hand: :pray:

Thanks a lot for your great advice. I had some experience with Cubase 5. With the great help of all of you well experienced, I will learn. :+1: :ok_hand: :pray:

After reading your great, vivid explanation, now I understand,
(1) The shortcut on my desktop is showing “Cubase LE AI Elements 11” because the one given to me is a single simplified version common to LE, AI, Elements versions and when I purchase & install any one of them in future, my desktop icon will show only that name.
(2) Inside the Steinberg Download Assistant app, many other products were mentioned which are individually applicable to the persons who can download them after purchasing them.
(3) I can download and install an update if it is shown as “AI-11 update” in the Download Assistant. But I think there may not be any updates for this simple, light, common version AI 11 given to the purchasers of hardware. Thankyou once again. God bless all. :+1: :ok_hand: :pray:

With regards to updates, there will be the same updates for the AI version as there are for the Elements one. It’s the same core program but the AI version has some of the features disabled/missing, this is determined solely by the license.


Not really. Or depends to which edition you are going to upgrade. If you would upgrade to Cubase Pro, then you are right. There is one upgrade from Elements, LE and AI. But if you would upgrade to Cubase Artist, there are 2 different upgrades. I’ve from Elements and another one from LE and AI.


Exactly. Because it’s only one application, I’ve executable. Just the license decides, which features are available from this application.


Yes, these are maintenance updates. Like Cubase 11.0.40 was released few days ago. These updates are the same for all editions. So once Cubase Elements gets an update, Cubase AI gets the update too. Because it’s one application, one executable.

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! What??!

No, Martin, I think you misunderstand both me and @SeethaRamaiah.

Both he and I were referring to free maintenance updates (not upgrades, that’s why I said update)… as you went on to say in your later reply.


Sorry, for miss-understanding.

In Steinberg terminology:

  • Upgrade is from Cubase A x.y.z to Cubase B x or x+1, y or y+1. Like Cubase Elements to Cubase Artist or Cubase Pro.
  • Update is from Cubase A x.y.z to Cubase A x+1 or y+1. Like Cubase Elements 10.5 to Cubase Elements 11, or Cubase Pro 10.0 to Cubase Pro 10.5 or 11.
  • Maintenance update is from Cubase A x.y.z to Cubase A x.y.z+1. Like Cubase Pro 11.0.30 to Cubase Pro 11.0.40.


  • A is the edition
  • x.y.z is the version number

Knowing this, could you please rephrase your question, please?


Thanks a lot for your vivid response. After reading a little, now I understand that Cubase software, its signing-in procedures, Download Assistant’s structure are fine though a little difficult for a layman to follow in the beginning. But when the friendship continues with the hardware and software taking out some time to understand them theoretically and practiccally, Steinberg will prove to be one of the best audio software though there is some room for simplifying the download & other procedures. Thankyou once again for your advice and guidance and understanding. :+1: :ok_hand: :pray:

Dear Martin, is the upgrade for lifetime or yearly?


When you buy an upgrade (or an update), you get the latest (current) license at the moment of license activation.

Then you can use the license forever.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. God bless you Sir. :pray: