Sounds missing from Halion Sonic SE?

I seem to be missing sounds for the Halion Sonic SE that came with my Cubase 6.

I downloaded the trial, and then subsequently upgraded my license from Cubase AI4. Are there really only 185 sounds, 135 of which are GM sounds?

I see more examples of the sounds in the video tutorial that came with Cubase 6. If I have to reinstall the sounds, where and how do I do this without reinstalling the whole program? I only have discs for the boxed Cubase 6, not any updates.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Solution Found!

I re-installed the Halion Sonic SE “Content” from the original Cubase 6 installation disk, et voila,
the sounds are there now.

It is worth noting that, apparently, all the sounds are not included in the download trial version, but can
be installed from the disk.

I wonder if any other content for the other vst instruments is similarly not included…?

Glad you worked this out but remember there is a forum for Halion.

Thanks (and sorry), I’m new to this forum–learning the ropes! :blush: