Sounds won't install on one computer

Back when I got Halion Sonic and tried to install it on my Mac Pro I would consistently get an “Installation failed” after going to the second disk.

This happened several times. I thought the failure meant nothing was installed. I contacted support and they asked me to check disk permissions and sent me another set of disks. Those disks got the same results. I tried installing on another computer (iMac) and that installation worked fine as far as I could tell. So nothing seemed wrong with the disks or with the iMac. The problem seemed to be with the MacPro, although a checkup by a technician revealed nothing physical wrong with HD or any other hardware. Repairing permissions didn’t seem to help. In fact, I would run a permissions repair and immediately thereafter run a permissions check and it seemed nothing had changed, despite reports to the contrary.

Also, all my licensing seems to be in order, as demonstrated an eLicenser check and by the fact the Halion Sonic, and all 1,200 or so sounds, work fine when installed on at least that other computer

I discovered later that the installation failure on the MacPro was not as complete as I had thought. Pardon my technical obtuseness, but in fact the entire Halion interface had been installed the first time and seemed to be fully functioning. Also installed were just over 100 sounds, mostly woodwinds and brass. The other sounds, including Halion Synth, consistently fail to install ON THE MAC PRO.

I can’t figure this out. I’d like to have Halion on the Mac Pro with all the sounds because that’s where I have Cubase. But I can’t get around this installation failure of around 1,100 sounds

Although this doesn’t seem to be a Steinberg problem but perhaps an Apple problem, I wonder if anybody may have had the same or a similar challenge and if they were able to resolve it successfully. My local technician gives the Mac Pro a clean bill of health and says he doesn’t know much about DAWs. (I want to remind him that one doesn’t have to be a recording engineer to install a program, but I’d rather not get on his bad side.

I have Cubase 6 and Grand 3. All through my history with Steinberg (since version 4) I have never had any other problem installing applications

Any advice, help, or insight concerning this problem would be greatly appreciated. I’d like to move up to Cubase 7 and Halion Sonic 2, but I’d like to get this problem solved first. And I’d like to have all my music production software together on my otherwise pretty darn wonderful Mac Pro.

Thanks, sorry for the verbosity.

Hey, dork, why not try reviewing your downloads and making sure they’re all up to date? You might be amazed.

Duuuuh!! At first I was reluctant to install any updates as long as the installation wasn’t perfect. But I figured, “what have I got to lose?” I downloaded updates for a Halion Sonic I plug-in and content and – viola! – as far as I can tell, everything’s fine. The 1,200-odd sounds that wouldn’t install from the original disks onto my Mac Pro are now in place and sound great. Happy ending.

Thanks for the tip. You’re a pal. And so smart.