Soundscape for ambient solo piano


I am not sure if this is the right place to ask a question about mixing ambient music?

Does anybody know/have experience how to get a sound from this example on a piano solo:

Is this a reverb on a piano right-hand track or is it a pad with effects.

I have Valhalla Room/Shimmer, Fab Pro and if it is too much reverb piano goes back. But in the example it is close.
So what I can not decide, when piano sound dies off - sometimes for 2 measures - what is the sound behind the right hand that fills the space.

It is gentle and I tried all kinds of settings with the reverb and pads layered with a piano but they are too obvious.
I would say it could be an effect on a piano.

Thank you!

that is some beautiful piano tones there in the video :slight_smile:

I’d say it is just the “correct” piano sound at the “correct” velocities" and the “correct” settings to get there. I don’t think there is a magical plugin to achieve this sound.

I think it is a piano with a reverb send (and cut the low on the reverb) - anyways it’s hard to say what you should do differently when you just say what you want.

maybe this guy can give you some pointers:

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Greetings Glenn,

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
Can you help me now with my video that I put on YouTube.

This is all my product, I mixed it by myself. I am curious about what would you find different from the reference track that I asked for the advice.
How much far am I from the sound, I would appreciate a lot!

Thank you again and hear from you soon,


the first post has a softer sound, much smoother, especially in the low frequencies. the last copy sounds like it is kinda distorting or is having some resonance feedback on the louder velocity lower notes.

Yes Glenn, I can hear that clearly as I have perfect pitch.

But no matter what I do, I can’t get that soft sound, mine is always sharp - reverb and piano.
I use a Blackhole, side-chained.
The piano sounds soft without the reverb (Keyscape) or with less reverb.
The moment I raise the reverb it distorts piano, as you can hear.
But I need a “ton” of reverb for ambient music.
Without it, the song sounds dry.
The whole point is in the reverb that relaxes.

I doubled the piano track which has no reverb, but the one with reverb still distorts the sound.

If I lower frequencies in the left hand to make it softer, it becomes muddy and dull.

I asked/paid some Sound Engineers over Fiverr to help me mix it, but they can not get the sound.
Even though they claim they are “best” in mixing.
That is why am asking in this forum if anybody knows how to get a clear piano in front with a ton of soft reverb.
None of them could figure it out, so I gave up.

They just put a ton of reverb on a piano which automatically pushes it back of the mix.
And the piano was still sharp or dull.

I am open to suggestions, or to pay to make it right.
Maybe you know somebody :slight_smile:
I respect Norvegian musicians very much.

This music is for my YouTube channel, so I have to put at least 50 - 100 songs before it starts paying off.
That is why I can not get every song mixed by professional mixers at this moment.

All the best,