Soundtoys "Devil-Loc" free plugin

Soundtoys are giving away free licenses of their new ‘Devil-Loc’ plugin.

The guys over at soundtoys are giving away a free plugin. The trick is that it requires a sharing code. My code is below. You can click on the link to have it automatically entered in.


Use code 369-5449-426 for registering please. You will understand once registered. Your decision, thanks.

Free registration, follow the instructions and Soundtoys will upload a free license too your iLok account and new Soundtoys account.

You do require an iLok, let’s rise above the usual dongle debates please :slight_smile:

On going through to the end of March…few days left.
You will need to register a Soundtoys account free and have iLok.

A few days left :•) Need some honest help to win the game please :slight_smile:

Ends 31/03/11

Great plugin indeed, compression and distortion sounds killer on drums.

If people need, here’s my code : 343-7467-583.

Just follow this link :


Thats the interesting thing about this plugin. The original hardware is actually a mic preamp, yet using it on drums in the hot zone really makes this plugin special. Looking forward to the full release.
:imp: :imp: :imp:

Downloaded it last night with your code. Thanks for that, nice and crunchy - bit too harsh for me as an insert but works a treat dialled in as a send from the drum bus!

No worries and thanks. Have upgraded to full version which is more tweakable, check out some comments on gearslutz. It’s a great little plugin.

Yeah, I got the upgrade too! I was using the free version more as a distortion effect as I didn’t really get the Crush feature at first, I thought it sounded awful as it sucked the kick drum out completely if pushed too hard.

But the Mix and Darken features of the Deluxe version made me see the light - it sounds great on programmed drums, it can really make them pump, breathe and come alive. Love it!