Soundtoys Echoboy $49

Along with many other ridiculous price reductions.

I believe it says it’s a one time sale due to expire in a day or two, but do you guys think the genie is out of the bottle and we’ll see these ridiculous prices again soon, perhaps permanently (a la Waves bizarre price drops)?

Echoboy is a must have plug in - truth be told it’s the only delay you ever need, it does everything, including vintage tape echo emulations.

I’ve read the highlighted bit above, written by experienced and well-respected posters as in this case, to know it must be true!

Nevertheless, I had a different experience, which I therefore attribute to inexperience and newby-ness …

A long time ago I wanted to create an Elvis- John Lennon- rockabilly type slap back vocal echo. I downloaded a demo of EchoBoy, and just could not get what I wanted.

I wound up using Cubase’s Super ModDelay (correct name?). What I learned during the process was how important the LPF on the echo was.

I never did go back with that last bit of knowledge to create the slap back using EchoBoy, I’m guessing it would have been trivial at that point.

Just my probably not-worth-all-that-much experience of the 1 time I tried to use EchoBoy!

I’ll be essentially DAW-less for a while, so I didn’t wind up buying EchoBoy at this ridiculously low price this time around. Next time, though!

I highly doubt it. SoundToys and Waves are very different companies. Keep in mind, Waves didn’t start selling $29 plugs because they wanted to be generous. :laughing: They saw a growing problem and I’m assuming the solution, hopefully successful, was what they are doing now.

If you mean a big discount on a single plug-in like EchoBoy, yes. But since they just did it, probably not EchoBoy for quite a while.

I’m fairly new to SoundToys. A couple years ago they gave away SieQ for free for a limited time. That started my interest. I purchased a couple others the next year. Then last Black Friday I noticed I could buy everything with a great discount because of just 3 products I already owned. They know how to market! :mrgreen:

Bottom line, I find most of their tools very useful and they just seem to work efficiently with limited amount of messing around. For myself they are similar to a lot of UADs plug-ins in that aspect. Also I found their video tutorials are very helpful, moderately humorous, and sometimes even inspiring. As far as EchoBoy being able to do everything, I won’t comment because I’m still learning it.

Anyway, keep in mind their business model of discounting their entire library based on what you already own.

The soundtoys plugins that I really rate (I have all of them) are…

Desert Island VSTs:
Echoboy, already discussed above.
Decapitator, a truly great saturation plug in, fabulous on almost any material, as good as most of the expensive UAD equivalents all rolled into one.When after a bit of dirt I’ll often flick through UAD Fatso, then Distressor, then Culture Vulture, if none of those hit the spot Decapitator usually does exactly what I want. I only go though this pain everytime coz I’ve spent a lot of money on the UAD plugins and want to validate my choices! In reality Decapitator just nails it most of the time, the only other saturation plugin that’s as versatile is Saturn.

Very,very good:
Panman, do almost anything creative pan tool.
Little Radiator - nice crunchy heavily-coloured saturation.
Crystallizer - great for just mangling stuff!

Filter freak.

The rest are all good plugins - there are no bad Soundtoys plugins but they’re not “go-tos” for me - like those above.