Soundtoys Echoboy crashes when not in HiDpi mode Cubase 11

This ONLY is happening with Soundtoy’s Echoboy, no other plugins of theirs or anyone else’s. It also is NOT happening in Cubase 10.5 etc. I am unable to use HiDPI mode on my system as too many plugins GUIs do not render correctly are way too small, and trying to adjust everything is a waste of time. that being said for my setup the solution is simple, as I’ve always done, simply turn of the option for enabling HiDPi and go without. No problem, always worked fine in prior Cubase versions. Now for some reason in Cubase 11 and ONLY when using Soundtoy’s Echoboy (that I have come across so far), when you try to open the Cubase dialog box for a saved Cubase preset, the one within the Echoboy plugin itself to open a saved “Cubase” specific preset “.vstpresest” that I’ve saved for Echoboy, the Dialog box is all messed up and way oversized and then Cubase crashes. All the same type dialog boxes to open saved Cubase presets from within the plugins looks normal and works fine, a simple square box with all your presets but Echoboy renders all messed up and is crashing Cubase 11 every time. Running on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit system.

Hi and welcome,

Could you please provide *.dmp file?

Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps


Sad to hear you are experiencing crashes with this plugin in peculiar. Usually it is then down to the plugin but we would like to analyze the crash dumps to draw our own conclusions.

Btw, are you aware of this special feature for DPI-Unaware plugins running on HiDPI Cubase?

Hopefully it helps!


Whoa, Armand, what is this Loopmash FX all about as displayed in your link and how do I access this? Where in this in C11?


This is an Insert effect, which is in Cubase for many, many years already. If you apply it, it reads the audio stream and you can apply the effect (like reverse part of the stream, scratch, slow down, tape stop, etc.) represented on the “keyboard”. Of course, you can automate it.

Hey, thanks, Martin. I found it in my ‘Other’ category list of plugins. Crazy, I had never heard of this and searched for it in the manual but couldn’t find a reference. Hadn’t considered to look in the Plugins list… Thank you, Martin.