Soundtoys' Little Radiator

Does anyone have the installer lying around? When the free promotion was on I registered and downloaded the iLok license but not the installer because I was in the process of packing and moving. Now that I’m back up and running I want to actually download and install the VST but I can’t find the installer anywhere.

Since this requires an iLok license, I don’t think I’m doing anything against the TOS by asking for the installer. If I am then I apologize. But if you can help me that would be even better. :slight_smile:

i’d email you the dmg but it’s 45mb. hey, if you registered and have a serial, then i’m sure all that you need to do is shoot them an email.

Yeah, I did register - it’s the only way to get the iLok license from them - and I did send an email. I’m simply wondering if they’ll honor it or if they’ll say I was also required to download the installer before the trial period expired at the end of March.

Answer: login to your SoundToys account and the installer is on the main account screen.