Soundtoys plugins not 'registering' properly

I recently installed most of Soundtoys plugins onto my system. They work fine in Cubase 6. When I load up Wavelab (7.2.1 build 600), it goes through the usual process of checking the new plugins, which takes a bit of time as it always does, but then I get an error message saying “An error has occured. The file could not be written successfully”. The SoundToys plugins then fail to be available within Wavelab. The same happens again the next time I open Wavelab.

This problem doesn’t affect Wavelab’s general operations, and I wasn’t planning on making a lot of use of these plugins in Wavelab (if at all), but I was wondering if there was a known fix for this? (I see from searching here that there are some issues with SoundToys anyway and v.7.2. And just to note, they are iLok authorized).

Are you running Wavelab in Admin mode (on Windows)?

Good man! I’ve just tried opening it using ‘Run as administrator’ (I’m on Windows 7), and the SoundToys plugins are now ‘registered’ and working in Wavelab. Hadn’t ever had to do that before. Thanks very much.

no problem - glad to help :slight_smile: