Soundtoys Plugins not showing up

Hi there,
has anyone experience the same problem?
I am using Soundtoys´ “Little Microshift” and “Little Radiator”.
The installation seems fine, it´s perfectly working under AU but i cannot find these
plugins as VST in W8.

thanks for your help



WL8 dosen’t work with AU only with VST plugins
maybe there is a update from Soundtoys !?

regards S-EH

Are they using iLok?

Thanks for answering,
Yes, there are VST Versions of these Plugins and they´re correctly installed, as i can use them with Adobe Audition.
and Yes, both Plugins are using Ilok.

Colud this be the problem?



Same issue here, Sound Toys Decapitator isn’t showing up in WL8, works in WL7. VST plugin authorized via iLok. I’m guessing it’s related to the known iLok issue in WL8.

Hello all,
Same thing happening in Elements 8. Was also fine in Elements 7. Probably like PG said in an earlier post, it’s more than likely an ilok situation. :slight_smile:

Little Micro Shift Sound Toy plug is opening now! Ilok issue no more. Thanks PG!!! :slight_smile:

hi there,

great to hear that soundtoys Plugins work in 8.02, but i still do not see them in my Setup.
I updated to 8.02 from 8.01 (64Bit Version only on a Win7 64bit Computer).
The Soundtoys Pluins Little Radiator and Little Microshift are not on the List.
Radiator is a 32 Bit Plugin while Microshift is 64Bit.
I can work with them in Protools 10 on my Computer, so basically the Plugin Installation seems to be
without an error.
Both are licenced on an Ilok1, i downloaded and installed the latest Ilok Software.
Is there another hint i can get? Maybe i should install Wavelab 32 Bit Version as well?

thanks for any help


I guess you have to force a full plugin rescan.
Make also sure your plugins are not included in the Exclusion list.

thanks PG for the fast help,
it still is not showing up, strange. i can see Wavelab going through the List at Startup and i can read the Soundtoys
Folder. So it´s not ignored.
i am wondering where my mistake is. I installed Wavelab 8 as 64 Bit application only, is that correct?
Maybe i can erase my Settings file so Wavelab can start without deafults?

thanks again


Are Soundtoys 64 bit plugins? If not, you need WaveLab 32 bit.

SoundToys is still only in beta for VST 64-bit and only for Windows…no Mac VST beta at this time.

It looks like you may be able to find a beta 64-bit installer in your user account if you are using Windows:

Here is what you should do;

Go to ‘C’ participation of your drive and then go to programs files, in your program files find the folder ‘VSTPLUGINS’ and inside there you will find ‘soundtoys’ folder. Copy the folder and go to folder named steinberg. In the sternberg folder, open cubase and go to plugins folder inside cubase folder and paste your soundtoys folder you copied earlier. Restart your cubase and it’s done.

Note: The soundtoys folder should contain .dll files. This works for all other plugins that refuse to show in cubase after installation.