Source code for VST Host

Hi there,
wanted to ask if it is possible to get the code (or at least some part) of the VST3PluginTestHost to learn a bit more on how to host VST3 plugins.

Thanks Phil

Sorry, the test host is closed source. But what are you interested in? The SDK provides a few example hosts :

  • editorhost - shows how to open the UI of a plug-in
  • audiohost - allows to process audio with a plug-ins
  • validator - tests the plug-in for conformance.


Hello Arne,
thanks for your feedback, expected that, but thought I just asked.
What I am looking for is how instruments are hosted.

What I want to do is experiment a bit with algorithmic synthesizer programming, so loading plugin, changing parameters, render sound and so on. I could probably do this with Juce or VST.Net but was looking for a “small” solution.

Cheers Phil