Source connect integration - RTS mode

I do quite a lot of ADR, Mainly when the ‘talent’ is local and the director is in London.
More and more Source connect is being used instead of ISDN for the link up.
It has a great feature, RTS mode where you can link timelines in pro tools, so no need for isdn and the quality is greatly improved on ISDN.
Nuendo has an amazing ADR taker - really brilliant - I can’t use it because Source connect won’t do RTS mode between nuendo and Pro tools - as the majority of Post houses in London still have pro tools systems - it renders the ADR taker unusable unless you are all on location when using Source connect - Once most TV shows are finished the ‘talent’ will be based elsewhere on their next show - so it happens all the time.
Is there a way of communicating this need to source connect and working with them so RTS mode could work between a pro tools session and a Nuendo session?
It might be impossible, but I love the ADR taker in Nuendo and would much prefer to use it- but Source connect has become the norm for remote ADR now and RTS mode can’t link between pr tools and nuendo
This would be a great way of making Nuendo easy to incorporate into a professional working environment.
Just a thought :slight_smile: Or is there a work around I’m missing?

RTS mode does work between Nuendo and Pro tools just used it everyday last week.

BTW you need the 32bit version if on Windows, source connect pro 8 supports 64bit Nuendo on Mac as of now.

I stand corrected :slight_smile:
Really useful to know

RTS mode does work, as stated. Also, if you get stuck, you can always run SourceConnect like an ISDN session: Dialogue on channel 1, TimeCode on channel 2. You can accomplish this by adding an additional blank track to your session and inserting the TimeCode Generator plugin on the track. Make sure you adjust the frames on the generator plugin to match your settings and those of the receiving party!!! Once you do that, route the channel out a discrete output to SourceConnect, and you should be rolling. You may need to trim the output volume of the TimeCode channel down a few dB. I find that I often am at -6.

I do this weekly between my studio Montana and various studios in UK or LA.