Source Connect

Hi group

Anyone using Source Connect as VST plugin with N6 on MacOSX? I want to know if it is working as it should be :slight_smile:



Working perfectly on a PC. But on a MAC its even better.
Also, excellent support.

Depends on what you’re wanting to do - there is also VST Connect: Remote Recording Solution | Steinberg

Unfortunately the functionality is not there. I bit the bullet and bought Pro Tools as support for this is questionable. Such a strong program but maybe Steinberg has their own plans.


I don’t understand your reaction. As said, Source Connect works perfectly in Nuendo.


I was under the impression it didn’t support RTS which is the selling feature. Most studios I have connected with for a test have resigned to using RTS and didn’t want to bother with timecode. It was a compromise we made to make a session roll smoothly a while back. I know that the functionality is there. Really that was a huge misstep on my part. It’s just the functionality people expect on the other side of the line is important to us as well.

VST Connect is a great product but we often have talent in a studio on the other end and not a home studio setting.

A Nuendo to Nuendo session syncing plugin sure would be stimulating to the Nuendo user base.

I’m sorry if my earlier comments were slightly inflammatory.

We usually send/recieve LTC through one of both channels.
Anyway, a “pro” VST connect would indeed be fabulous.


RTS is now supported on any DAW now. Apparently PT and Nuendo can sync via RTS now!
That’s a big development.

Hey all,

Just used Source Connect with RTS to a PT studio in the UK and I have to say it worked really well. I could post a template of the session on my website if you would like and link it here. They don’t have current documentation on the Source Elements site up just yet.