Source/Destination style editing

Hi all, I have read somewhere that it is possible to ‘split the arrange window’ into two independent timelines.

So in one timeline I can have all my multitrack takes and then copy and paste the bits from that timeline that I want into a corresponding timeline.

I’m not sure how this is done though, any tips?


It’s the same timeline in the sense that you can only scroll independently ‘vertically’, not horizontally / by location.

Dividing the Track List (

That’s a shame - is there any other workaround for this do you think? Having two edit windows?

Thanks, Dave

Could you give a step-by-step writeup on how it would work? I’m not familiar with the term or workflow I think.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Basically I track remotely (think choirs & orchestras etc…)
On a recording session I make 200-300 separate takes of up to 32 tracks each; they could be 30 seconds long or 5 minutes long (probably doesn’t matter in this instance). There might be 10 versions of the same piece of music, which I will edit the best bits together later.

At the moment I record them all one after eacher on the timeline so when one take stops, the next one starts immediately. Each take is seen by the DAW (SADiE) as one block of audio, rather than 32 individual streams (so it’s sort of internally grouping them into a PolyWav - even though they are actually stored as mono/stereo files in the system).

When I come to edit the audio together, I am able to open two ‘edit windows’. The first one has all my audio takes in it, lined up one after another, the other empty to start with.

I then go through and select which takes I prefer for each bit of the music and I copy the secions I like best (e.g. between 00:15 and 01:22 from the third take and then 01:03 to 02:24 from the eighth take) and paste them into the new ‘edit window’. Then in that second ‘edit window’ I will do all my crossfades to make the edit inaudible.

Keeping a clean or second edit window is useful so that it just contains the edited version and no other takes. Does that make sense?

Ah, ok. Well, maybe the split in Nuendo would work for you then? You can create your main tracks with all takes at the top for example and another set of tracks below (or just the one for a large wav), and then copy/paste between them.

What I meant by separate timeline is that when you locate in one you locate in the other, so you won’t be able to scroll down the line in just the one section while leaving the other in place. But you can definitely have a separate set of tracks and copy/paste between them.

If you don’t have Nuendo I think there’s a free trial version that you can download and just try it out.

Have a look at four point editing where you use the selection tool to achieve the same though ripple edit has replaced it in contemporary workflows its still extensively used in multiple takes location dialogue edits.