Source Elements/Connect Update Question for N12

I was thinking of getting Source Elements Nexus and was wondering how well it worked with Nuendo, particularly N12. My search of the Forums only show older posts (the latest being 2020 on N10) regarding a fair amount of problems (particularly for us PC users).

So, I’d like to know if these issues have been resolved with the N11/12 iterations and what your experiences have been like working with this app in general. It says you can track up to 64 sources at once, which means I would easily be able to track an entire band and/or orchestra remotely (which is my goal). Has anybody done this successfully?

The feature that I am most interested in is the guaranteed file delivery, in case of internet interruptions! I have lost numerous good takes on VST Connect Pro because of connection brownouts/failures. So much so that I was actually able to get a better result just using Skype (I send the files to the talent and guide the session on Skype as he tracks into his computer. Then he just sends me the files via FTP later. MUCH LESS STRESS)! :flushed: :confounded:

This Source-Nexus app seems like it might be as simple as the skype type session with the advantage of actually receiving my tracks directly. So any and all experience based advice would be appreciated. Thanks!