Source for user logical presets?


Is there a source for user project logical presets and midi logical presets?

I’ve managed to create a few myself using the editor. An example of a selfmade preset I use is transpose +/-12 applied to selected midi. The logic editor is a such powerful tool for workflow, in particular the project logical ones, and I would like to get inspired by looking at user made presets. Any source out there?

Thanks /M

I presume you now have access to the presets that come with Cubase? I suppose this forum is the best source. Play with it and ask questions…

I just asked :slight_smile:

Heh! What do you want to do/know?

I think the best way to get inspired is to look at the ones that come with the sequencer. By the way, the crew that invented Cubase, VST plugins and a much of the technology of the VST spec still are with Steinberg- their names are on the about splash page in the program, and a few participate here, even though this is technically a user to user board.

For the PLE, I use the visibility presets a lot, and have a few of my own, but the factory presets are well done- Naming tracks, including with the date.

Macros are also useful with and without PLE or LE presets.I just made a couple for when I’m recording alone, which are triggered using a Logidy 3 switch foot pedal:

The most interesting Logical Editor presets for are those in the Musical Context folder. You can test for intervals, note order in chords, scales, etc. Using that I made a bunch to select intervals within chords- this is without using the chord track.

My go-to presets are ones I’ve made are for simple functions like adding to note length without leaving the alpha keyboard. One can get pretty fast when one gets the into the habit of using, and remembering the keystrokes.

8th Add.xml
8th Subtract .xml
16th add.xml
16th Subtract .xml
Chord: Move down one inversion.xml
Chord: Move up one inversion.xml

etc, etc, blah, blah… :smiley:

Open this file, then choose cubase, then logical edit. not all are probably useful to you, but choose what you wish and be happy that someone else…a composer did this for you. (341 KB)

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Wow Thanks!

Thanks, actually I’m really interrested in your “etc etc blabla…” :slight_smile:

Sometimes you just don’t know what you want.

Chord move down and up inversions sounds really usefull. Can you apply this to midi notes in the editor?

I think what the OP is maybe looking for is something similar to what NI has for Reaktor - a place where users can post & share stuff they’ve made using Reaktor.

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thank you greggybud for the great resource and examples to learn from

There was a great thread on this a few years back. Maybe do a search? A lot of good ideas that helped my workflow. I will also see if I can find it.

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I’m guessing you never did find it? :grinning:

See Have you created a Logical -- or Project Logical -- Editor preset?
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Been a hot minute as the kids used to say! But I think I was talking about this thread: