SourceElements Nexus I/O issues MAC

Nexus A & B each have 24 paths – they show up as A 1-24 and B 1-24.

MAC - In core audio I’m using an aggregate I/O set-up – Using the interface (Apollo x16) and Nexus A (1-24)

N10 - in the I/O config they show up as 0-23 - so everything is off by one position –

If you use the Nexus Plug-in - the routing shows up as 1-24

I left Nexus B (1-24) out of the aggregate Core Audio devise, thinking I can gain some functionality using it as a plugin rather than part of the N10 I/O config.

LMK if you have any advise – thank you

Is this a feature request or suggestion? I don’t understand your post.

I realize now that the the numbering scheme is no issue - That can be resolved in Studio Set-up
Nothing to see here –

so please delete - or kill me

Deleting the thread is probably sufficient… lol