Single from upcoming instrumental EP


Excellent riffage. That is a killer riff you start with, even better when it comes back about 1:28. Good mix and great sounds on drums and guitars and bass. The 11/4 sections are just enough to slightly confuse you, which I liked. I was waiting to hear a repeat of the storming opening riff at the end of the tune. That banged my old head nicely, thanks!


Thanks for the comments Steve, happy to hear you enjoyed the song, if it made your head band then I feel even better about it haha! 11/4 wow I didn’t even know what theat timing was, it just came out that way, thanks for that. I thought about repeating the opening riff but didn’t want it to be too monotonous, I guess I should have then…

Rock on bud \m/

I’ll add to Steve’s comments – loved the video! Made my head bang too. Guitar sounds are awesome. I thought I saw an SG in there.

great energy. Good Luck with your EP

Thank you @Stephco and @Early21 yes it’s an Epiphone SG that I scored at staff discount 20 years ago in a music shop in London, got it for £160.

A brilliantly anarchic instrumental, love what happens around the 30 sec mark and it never stops being interesting, enough riffs in there for 4 or 5 five songs,
listened to it in amazement!!

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Some heavy stuff here that certainly seems well done within that style. I liked the video too, and was amused that there were lefty guitars. That amused me because I play lefty. Guessing that was just a matter of the camera reversing things. I’m a 70’s rock guy who’s only kept up with bands like XTC or Crowded House after that, so the style is not really in my comfort area, but you put this together nicely.

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Thanks for listening, much appreciate the kind words, glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Thank you, I am a lefty too, no reverse camera there. Thanks for listening :slight_smile: