Space Bar Triggers CC window

I assigned my space Bar to start/stop playback
When I’m in Playback-Mode, everything works fine and the Space Bar starts and stops my playback.
When I hit just one time the drop down menu for the CC assignments and I close it again and then hit my space bar, it doesn’t starts/stops my playback anymore but it opens up the CC assignment window every time I hit it…strange…somebody has the same problem?

If the CC dropdown has focus then yes, Space will edit it. If this particularly bugs you then set something other than Space for starting playback - you can have as many shortcuts as you like for each function. F8 appears to be a default in the Dorico English keycommands (in addition to space); for some reason this isn’t a default in other languages.

Thanx Leo,…I’m so used to use the space bar to start/stop my playback. I have some other functions for start/stop anyway but sometimes the ‘routines are still in the fingers’. I was just wondering if I could switch off the CC editing with the space bar - but it sounds as if it is not possible.

I’m pretty sure you can’t prevent Space from editing a field that has focus. It does the same thing for Dorico’s language preference, for example.

It’s not possible for you to switch this on and off, no. We could change these user interface elements to make them immediately lose focus as soon as you have interacted with them, which is something we have done to other parts of the interface. The downside of this is that it further reduces keyboard access to these parts of the user interface, which is an accessibility concern.