Space key won't stop playback when in note entry mode (Feature Request)

I just noticed something very annoying in Dorico.

When I am in Note Entry Mode hitting Space does not stop the playback but rather pushes the caret to the right…

I don’t understand how this is useful for us.

I fail to see how someone can enter more notes when Playback is moving along, especially in fast passages.

I think in Note entry mode and when we are playing our score-hitting space should trump how caret behaves normally and rather stops the playback first.

only when the playback stops, the Caret should behave normally how it is as of now when nothing is playing.


Not sure I understand what you mean?

In Playback mode, pressing the Spacebar starts/stops playback - very useful. (pressing P starts playback from the note selected, pressing P again stops playback, pressing P yet again starts playback from that previously selected note - super useful)

In Note Entry mode, pressing the Spacebar advances the Caret to the next beat in the bar, also very useful.

Yes and you are right.
However try shift+space in which dorico plays from last start position.
Now if you were previously in the note entry mode and forget to get out of it hitting the space key won’t be useful anymore.

Ok I guess I can hit shift +space again and playback stops.

I guess I have to remember to stop the playback with shift + space if I started it with shift+ space.

Yes, I suppose it’s a matter of “muscle memory”.

Despite the big caret and various other hugely obvious clues, I still mess up when I don’t notice I’m in Insert mode sometimes! As the old saying goes, “You can take a horse to water, but can’t make him drink.” We live and learn.

Actually, pressing the space bar advances the rhythmic value that is selected. It’s the best way to (not) input rests.

This is what I mean Marc

It moves to the next long line.

PS I know I’m in demisemiquavers (or what ever they are!) but I’d just been inputting an organ part.

It advances by whatever duration you have chosen in the Notes panel. Always has, always will.

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So they do! Thanks Daniel.